I’ve been using bidets for over a decade and advocate their supremacy over toilet paper every chance I get. Below are my main selling points to anyone curious about the idea of installing a bidet in their own home, but first let me begin with a quote that sums it all up:

Say you get some mud on your arm – would you rather wipe it off with a tissue, or rinse it off with water?

Everyone I’ve asked says “water” without hesitation! Why?

  • Water cleans more thoroughly and doesn’t “smear”
  • Water is more comfortable, it feels good!
  • No paper waste

So apply this logic to your experience sitting on the toilet, then add these points:

  • Cleaning more thoroughly reduces UTI’s for women and leaves you with a fresher feeling
  • You’ll save money on toilet paper – whether you still like to use a bit to dry off, or use none at all, you’ll pay for your bidet purchase in lowered TP bills and then profit off of the savings in perpetuity
  • The pressure on your sphincter from a stream of water can also help to get the bowels to move, which is helpful at times of constipation
  • Ever had a hemorrhoid? If you haven’t yet, you probably will someday, and you will thank yourself for not needing to wipe it with toilet paper when the time comes! The gentle spray of water on your hemorrhoid is a bit of relief and much more effective at cleaning it.
  • It is physically easier to use than twisting your arm around to wipe with TP – there is no strain on your body, which is a significant benefit for the disabled, injured, and elderly.
  • If you have small children who are big enough to sit on the toilet but still require help wiping, teaching them to use the bidet is much easier than learning how to wipe thoroughly. When they are ready for you to help them wipe, having a stream of water available for you to wet the TP with before you wipe their bum is much better than running back and forth to the sink to wet the TP.
  • You don’t have to buy a new toilet, there are many options for bidet seat add-ons.

As you ponder the points above and consider if they are appealing to you, take a look at the products I’ve tested and my recommendations for each.

3 Popular Bidets

  • Toto – A+ Quality, 5-star Rating – BEST ALL-AROUND BIDET
    • Comfort, high-quality, no injury risk, and a little bit of luxury. We especially love the adjustable heat for the seat, water, and fan temperature. This is our top pick. Make sure you have an electrical outlet near to your toilet to use this one.
  • TUSHY Bidet- B+ Quality, 4-star Rating – BEST ECONOMY BIDET
    • It gets the job done and is solid, but not the most user-friendly. Requires strength to adjust the knob, which may be difficult for children and elderly. Also on the three different ones we tested, all three had standard water pressure in the house, yet the Tushy product only lets the user utilize about 1/10th of the pressure adjustment range, making it even more difficult. In fact, if you turn it too far, it will shoot way too hard and cause injury to sensitive body parts. Here’s an example of an adaptation that we made in order to solve some of these problems:
  • Biffy Bidet: C- Quality and 1 star rating – but, better than nothing!
    • We’ve tested a dozen of these over a decade – they all eventually leak and have to be replaced. The lever action is nice and provides full coverage from front to back. But otherwise, there are much better options.