Everyone ready to go camping? In the era of COVID-19, finding a place to camp at any campground has become difficult due to overcrowding. That’s why we chose to test out a new kind of backyard camping: rooftop tent camping, without being on the roof of a car.

The Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 4 Tent is the second Tepui rooftop tent we’ve tried, and we are so pleased with it that we’re giving it a 5-star rating. Using the appropriate sheet set, this setup will get you out of the house for a micro-adventure in, most likely, more comfort than your bedroom!

If you’ve ever used a rooftop tent on a vehicle, you’re already sold on the utility and convenience of this tent style. The problem is, you can’t really use this amazing product unless it is on top of your car. The solution is to build a structure that is designed to store the tent when you’re not using it on the road, but built in such a way that you can still open and use the tent at anytime. Here’s an example of a structure built to accomplish just that.

In this case, the structure holding the tent was an add-on to the pre-existing bike shed.

And the ladder drops down inside the yard so that you can still feel some grassy nature in between your toes before climbing into your camping haven.

Any other ideas, questions, or comments? Let us know, and we hope that this idea inspires you to try something different. Happy camping!

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